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I’m a wife, mother and grandmother (Mimi). I love creating or re-creating just about anything. I love crafting, re-purposing furniture, home design and have a flare for decorating. {Thanks Mom}

It doesn’t matter whether it is inside or out I enjoy it all. I tend to go in spurts. I may be focused on a wood table one day and then a beautiful dresser restore the next. It is a never ending cycle of creativity and it’s what makes me tick.

 I Love the Lord, my family and friends. I have the most supportive husband who always encourages me to go for it.
(It doesn’t hurt that he bought me a table saw either, right?) 

My children are very creative as well. My son is a “Chef” and my daughter has a flare for just about anything crafty. Some of my favorite times are with my grandsons who are the light’s in my life.